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Damien Taylor

Swing Coach

Package 1
  • 1x hour lesson £80
Package 2
  • 6x 1 hour lessons £360 (Savings of £120) 
Package 3
  • 9 Hole Playing Lesson £150
  • 18 Hole Playing Lesson £300

Jonathan Wallett

Swing Coach

Package 1
  • Half Day (3 Hours) £495
Package 2
  • Full Day (6 Hours) £990
  • 0.5 day or 1 day session
  • Pre-program questionnaire
  • Custom 3 or 6 hour 1:1 session
  • key areas identified in questionnaire (Swing, Scoring Zone, Short Game, Putting, Course Play) Tour Player Practice System to take away (150 page workbook, Practice folder, of Tour drills) value 125GBP
  • 1 Performance 150 page Workbook of your choice for 1 day session Players (Pathway to the Tour, Tournament Play or Building Belief)
Package 3

Liam James

Swing Coach

Liam teaches at a Golf Academy in Lichfield offering services to Golfers of all ages and abilities. For a 60 minute Lesson Liam charges £80.
The Day Package includes a breakfast meet for introductions and discussion of your game and the itinerary for the day ahead.
The day will cover all aspects of the game, including technical analysis and performance related activities. All lesson content and drills will be filmed and sent to you via email for reference in your future practice session. 
The day starts at 8am with lunch at 12pm and the day will finish at 3pm. (£500)
9 hole package (£175) - 18 hole package (£350) (breakfast or lunch included) 
This package offers the opportunity for Liam to observe you play 9 or 18 holes. During this time you will discuss strategy and your preparation for tournament or general rounds. After the round(s) Liam will send you some key areas to focus on to help you improve technically and on the course. 
All lessons will take place at the Darnford Moors Driving Range 
Darnford Lane 
WS14 9JG

Nicola Ellwood MSc

Master Mind Coach


An off-course programme of mental skills coaching where you will discover how to play a strong mental game – the thoughts, focuses and mental habits of the elite. Depending on your situation, we’ll clear out any unproductive thinking habits or feelings you experience during play, and get your mind working more in harmony with your body. Again, depending on your situation, we can equip you with your ‘high performance play state’ – a mental and physiological state that allows your best play to shine through.

Packages start from: £450


A programme that includes the above, and extends it, taking it out on to the course to build your own tailored ‘mental performance routine’. Your mental performance routine is what you do with your mind when you play your best – how you think, feel and what you focus on. It is uniquely yours.  We’ll build this into a play routine and your usual technical routine. Your mental performance routine provides your foundation for you to play your best and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Packages start from: £750

All packages will be tailored to your unique needs, wishes and location after initial phone consultation. The mental game package will be delivered in Lincoln unless agreed otherwise.

See Testimonials for examples of clients who have taken advantage of the above transformation packages




All coaches will travel up to 10 miles from their location free of charge, any further locations a travel expense will be charged but negotiated with the client before hand. i.e Diesel, Hotel, Food and Beverage etc 

T&C's - Any TTE that is cancelled will receive a full refund as long as cancelled 7 days prior the the date of the experience, any cancellations within 3 days of the experience will receive a 50% refund and any experience cancelled within 24 hours of the experience, NO REFUNDS will be given. All cancellations can be rearranged.

Vouchers - All vouchers purchased will be valid for 12 months from date of purchase. No refunds will be given on purchased vouchers.

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