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The TCE started at the end of 2017 in England but over the past years has grown with caddies in Belgium France Northern Ireland Scotland and South Africa with caddies joining us everyday from all over the world.

Here's what European Tour and PGA Tour golfer Tommy Fleetwood

  had to say about The Tour Caddy Experience

Tommy Fleetwood Endorsement
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Do caddy’s come to the golfer's course or do the caddy have golf courses the golfer comes to? 


Normally the caddy will go to the golfers course unless they want to find another course and pay a greenfee. Some caddy’s do have attached golf course where they can take the golfer around, please ask for those caddy’s.


How much is the experience please? 


Please click on the drop down button and go to the packages page (or click here).


For a 2 ball is the price for 1 caddy or 2?


The price is for 1 caddy to take 2 golfers around, if you wanted more caddy’s it would be the price of 1 caddy per player.


Do you do vouchers?


Yes for any special occasion we do a voucher to give that person which can be redeemed within 12 months of the date.


Does the price include everything?


All players, caddy’s, physio and coaches will travel F.O.C within 20mile each way of their destination, anything on top of this an expense will be negotiated with the golfer.


Northern and South East Ireland

South Africa




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