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Find out more about our chosen charity and learn the story behind why it holds such an important place in our hearts.

Autism Dogs CIC is a charitable not for profit company.

Team of highly qualified people that are dedicated to improving the lives of autistic people of any age through the love and support of highly trained autism Assistance Dogs. 

Autism Dogs CIC provides autistic people of all ages an 'Assistance Dog Programme' with on-going education and therapeutic support for each client and their care-givers.

Our Assistance Dogs are trained to provide essential help to prevent self harm, regulate sensory overload, develop social skills and intervene during meltdown.

The Tour Experience's founder, Steve "Bro" Brotherhood's son, Henry, suffers from autism. Like any parent, Bro wanted to do whatever he could to help his boy. With a little help from the golfing fraternity, most notably Tommy Fleetwood and his caddy, Ian Finnis, Steve was able to purchase a 'autism dog', who they named 'Ralph'. As you can see below, he and Henry quickly became best pals.

The positive impact that Ralph had on Henry, as well all of Henry's family, motivated Bro to become actively involved in raising money for "Autism Dogs CIC". Now, he holds an annual charity fundraising event where he auctions off his own highly original pieces of golfing memorabilia that he collects throughout the year as he caddies around the world at some of the world's most famous golf courses.

A video of Steve announcing the amount raised at the 2022 Autism Dogs golf charity day 

Over the last few years, Steve has raised thousands of pounds for Austism Dogs, helping many individuals to improve their lives and those of their families. The Tour Experience are proud to be associated with such a fantastic charity and urge you to visit their website to see what you can do to help or simply find out more about what 'Autism Dogs' do on a daily basis.


Also, why not take part in Bro's next charitable auction planned to take place in early 2022 - all proceeds will go to helping those like Henry. 

For more information, please visit their website:

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