Our Scotland Caddies

David Kenny

Tour Experience: Mark Foster, Kenneth Ferrie, Stephen Gallacher, Marc Warren, Paul Lawrie,Oliver Fisher & Jeff Winther, David Law & currently with Haydn Porteous

  • Tour wins: 5

  • Years on tour: 16

  • TCE Location: East Kilbridge/South Glasgow

Craig Connelly ("Wee Man")

Tour Experience: Teske, Alfredsson, Montgomerie, Casey, Grace and currently with Kaymer. 

  • Tour Wins: 24

  • Years on tour: 24

  • TCE Location: Central Scotland 

Damien Moore (Bridesmaid)

Tour Experience: Olazabal, Jesper Parnevik, Mark James, Stephen Gallager, Robert Karlsson, Mathew Southgate & Marc Warren

  • Best Finish: 9 Wins + 30 Runner Up's

  • Years on tour: 33

  • TCE Location: Edinburgh

Tim Poyser

Tour Experience: Connor Syme, Ben Evans & currently with Austin Connelly

  • Best Finish: 2nd 2018 Austria

  • Years on Tour: 2

  • TCE Location: Edinburgh, Lothians & Fife

Stephen Neilson

Tour Experience: Craig Lee & currently with Justin Walters

  • Best Finish: 2nd Portugal 2019.

  • Years on Tour: 8

  • TCE Location: Edinburg & East Lothian

Scott Carmicheal

Tour Experience: Chris Doak, Mark Haastrup, Nicole Broch Larsen, Clement Sordet & currently with Grant Forrest

  • Best Finish: 3x Runner up.

  • Years on Tour: 3

  • TCE Location: East Lothain

Stuart Davidson

Tour Experience: Jamie Mcleary, Gavin Moynihan & currently with Anton Karlsson

  • Best Finish: T2nd 2019 Qatar Masters

  • Years on Tour: 2

  • TCE Location: Edinburgh & Fife

Ryan McGuigan 

Tour Experience: Michael Hoey, Rob Rock, Oliver Fisher, Matteo Manassero, Danny Willett, Richie Ramsay, Thomas Detry

  • Best Finish: 5 wins.

  • Years on Tour: 15

  • TCE Location: Broughty Ferry, Dundee

Mark Britton

Tour Experience: Helen Alfredson, Maria Hjorth, Laura Davies, Pelle Edberg, Niclas Fasth.

  • Best Finish: 6 wins

  • Years on Tour: 16

  • TCE Location: Edinburgh

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